Film and TV music composer based in Mallorca

Daniel N. González Rotger is a music composer, musician and educator based in Mallorca (Spain). Classically trained musician, he showed remarkable musical talent from an early age, especially playing and improvising at the piano, from classical music to arrangements of popular tunes.

He began playing piano at the age of 8 and soon started formal musical education, finishing up the professional studies with the best grades. Formal education included piano, music theory and harmony, composition, classical guitar and choir. Besides having studied classical piano for over 15 years, Daniel has shared stage with all sorts of chamber music combinations, choirs and singers.

From an early age he has shown a deep love for teaching music, equally to children and adults, always creating new resources for the students like piano reductions and arrangements, flash cards or original songs.

Throughout his career Gonzalez Rotger has honed his craft developing from pianist and arranger to music producer and composer. He has also collaborated with different bands, solo artists and musical directors providing piano and orchestral arrangements, original soundtrack music, as well as vocal backgrounds, keyboards, composition, music production and sound editing.

Daniel has also toured all throughout Spain with a variety of nationally recognized acts, as a piano player, guitarist, vocalist or tour manager, performing at some of Spain's most prominent stages and music festivals.

Over the past 5 years his focus has been producing music for media (film, TV, documentaries, advertising, podcasts, audiobooks, video games) in a variety of genres and styles. With his passion and keen understanding for storytelling, whether it be drama, comedy, music for documentaries and podcasts, atmospheric music backgrounds for audiobooks or corporate music, his compositions serve to uplift and augment the video assets in which is synced.

Daniel's music has been featured by film, TV and media production studios all across the world, including, to name just a few, Antara Films, News Media Service (Germany), Vogelheim TV, Radio Televizija Kosovo, Open Focus Films, Sleek Creative, Quickfoot Media (United Kingdom), Hornbill Entertainment, Sparkling Society Games, Creative Bastards (Netherlands), TRT TV, Televizyon Film Tanitim Ticaret (Turkey), Wanshi Zhizuo Cultural Media (China), Digital 55 (Canada), Directa Sim (Italy), Grupa Medialna Poludnie Marek Flisowski (Poland), HumanEye (Egypt), IH!CRIEI (Brazil), Iraj Productions, KissKissStudio, Mann Made (South Africa), Moonactive Studios, Studio 301, NetLook (Czech Republic), Komplot Advertising (Slovakia), Nonobstant (France), SketchPixel CGI & 3D Studio, Teraoka Seiko (Japan), TELE VVD (Colombia), IB3 Televisió (Balearic Islands). And in the United States, studios like ASV Productions, Barcon Video Productions, Big Monster Productions (Los Angeles), Broadcast2world, And Now Media, Avonni Global, Boileau Communications, CourtLynn Enterprises, Creative Filmz, Hawk Ridge Systems, Mix Media Group, Mod Op New York, Nims Media, Romph Pou Agency, Roothouse Studio, Scorpion, Sequence Wiz, Unfold Agency Los Angeles, and countless other recognized brands and studios all over the world.

In 2022 Daniel composed the soundtrack music for Blue Archipelago (Arxipèlag blau), a six-part documentary series for IB3 Televisió (Public Broadcasting Entity of the Balearic Islands), a project coproduced by Fundación Marilles and Miraprim about the wildlife ecosystems and the natural wonders of the Balearic Sea.